Basement Trash
Johnny Mainstream's latest EP consists of 4 songs. 2 all new tracks, plus 2 newly re-recorded "classics" from the Johnny Mainstream catalog. Basement Trash was written and recorded by Johnny Mainstream, and produced by Charlie Uzanas at See U Studios. It is available digitally, and on cassette at all Johnny Mainstream shows.

Stream and purchase Basement Trash on Bandcamp.

Break the Kettles and Sink the Ship

The new record from Johnny Mainstream, featuring 7 all new tracks. Available June 23, 2015. A return to Let It Roll Studios. Written and recorded by Johnny Mainstream and produced by Ed Sabourin and Johnny Mainstream. 

Stream and purchase Break the Kettles and Sink the Ship on Bandcamp.

97 Seconds

Written and Recorded in 2013, and released in June 2014, 97 seconds is Johnny Mainstream's contribution to a 4 song split vinyl featuring Swamp Yankee, Michael James Anderson, and Rock Bottom. 97 Seconds is available on limited edition 7 inch vinyl at all Johnny Mainstream live shows.

Stream and purchase 97 Seconds on Bandcamp

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Ghost Broadway (2013)

The sophomore album, and follow-up to Johnny Mainstream's debut "Shipwrecked!" Ghost Broadway was written and produced by Johnny Mainstream and Ed Sabourin at Let It Roll Studios, and released on March 8, 2013.

Stream and purchase Ghost Broadway on Bandcamp.

Shipwrecked! (2011)

The 2011 debut album from Central Connectcut alternative folk outfit Johnny Mainstream. Shipwrecked! was written and produced by Johnny Mainstream and produced by George Engel, Scott Genereau, and Johnny Mainstream. All tracks recorded at CT Recording Studios in Bristol, CT.

Stream and purchase Shipwrecked! on Bandcamp.